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Conceptual Properties of Photographic Art


Definition of Conceptualism: "the doctrine that universal exist as realities in the mind only and that the mind can form an image corresponding to the general term for a particular concept"

I am a photographer. But an artist as well. 

Current contemporary art is categorized and indexed. For the sake of argument let's just move forward. 

What happens when a certain style expands into a multi-layered branches. Would you prefer to be pigeonholed into a category or create your own artistic style? I chose to forge my own style without blanket terminology. Billions of users are you going to type keyword "photoshop" "art" "creative art"? The list goes on. Now I am no keyword samurai. But, I am learning. 

Here is an example from my portfolio.

What can I do to make this more pleasing? Add some crows and pilgrim like debauchery? It has lines, shapes, textures, depth, color and space. What about patterns? 

I see a renaissance of life, a darkness of rebirth of a dark age destined to repeat itself in a technological race to the decline, a techno genocide of civilization. I got taken into the image of its conceptual beauty. 

Energy of dreamsDreamlandWhat are dreams? Here is a portrait of the flow of energy within the psyche. The motion of the effect of the squiggly lines represents the flow of energy.


Now, did the artists of old look back on others before them? Possibly. Art movements are built on steppingstones of past artists and morph into unknown twist and turns of inspiration. For example, what inspires can be considered plagiarism and a rip off (but that's a can of worms there). Who claims what as the art community is open but narrow at the same time. 

As a photographer putting art into perspective and conveying an idea something not in the mainstream is difficult at first for me and still is. However, I feel more confident with my creations. As have taken professional photography was excellent for the basics and advanced understandings of the digital camera and let's not forget boot camp month for the photographer. 

Now I wasn't satisfied with plain images where the camera captures the light and voila I am an artist, I wanted something more. I just couldn't figure it out. Then came the overlays and opacities and the many tools provided in photoshop infrared like the picture above took me further down the rabbit hole. A good place to start is figuring out one's own puzzle and life's experiences and adventures and throw them all in to a pot and see what you cook up and throw together. Countless hours, days, weeks turned into months and into years as the struggle continues and onward. 

But this is about the conceptual properties of photographic art not on basics of camera work, aesthetics or technique. 

1. The idea

2. Expression

3. Form

Here is another example from my portfolio 

What is pleasing on conceptual properties of photographic art? I was told from certain viewers that it has a Francis Bacon feel to it and the response was pleasing.

Titled: Duality

DualityDualityA blurred abstract photograph with red, black and white quality. Francis Bacon was a maverick and did not adhere to the social norms and category of abstract art. 

Understanding the concept when there is no concept, it just is.

Let me know if there is anything further pertaining to conceptual properties of photographic art you would like to discuss.

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