Creative Design Photographer 2022 An Introduction and Meaning of my photography

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An  Introduction and Meaning of my photography

I am a creative art photographer who has been experimenting

in creative photography and design. In some ways my work can be

described as obscure. The attempt to portray its essence or style is

elusive in its nature. That is what makes it so interesting. What

is normality...surviving a pandemic that just keeps mutating? 

Just like my work mutates from its style to adopting to change 

but its essence is still there.  


Title: Transition into the Afterlife  

Experimenting through digital editing helps the creative process. 

Capturing the concept of spirituality dark and light of the spectrum

and seeing beyond the ordinary though it is a process as I stated 

before. Black and white photography is my niche and I dabble a bit 

in color. This concept can apply to any genre of course but there

is no one size that fits all into one category. There are many talented

artists out there. Does one have to be considered for prerequisite

knowledge before picking up a camera? No, that's the point of

photography experimenting with different settings. This work

establishes a grounding to build find a niche. Problem

though, are we categorized and sub-categorized into pre-existing

niches? One has to find their own and pave their way.


The experimentation of capturing projection from dreams to oral

history of indigenous stories is difficult in photography. I am not a

specialist in art but I am open to challenges when presented with

concept and design. The creative process or thinking about it can

eclipse the process in itself and thinking too hard can also deter the

process. This is not who is better at what its the process of capturing

meaning. Anybody can learn. I love writing, it is in the mind where

all concepts emanate from like the heart that beats and the decibels

that pump that motivate. Poetry...good old poetry, the conundrum

of the ages and photography are things I like doing. 

Black & white print of a ghost like figure breaking through a parallel universe. Through-the-Mist A spiritual seer seeking answers through the mist..

Title: Through the mist

I want to be good at program design that mesh with my concepts.

I don't bother with the newest fad in just far outpaces

the logic to comprehend as it just layers the mold on top of another.

The old saying take 2 steps forward 1 step back...well its 1 step 

forward 2 steps back at times. Interesting as that may be this is 

not a course on the understanding of literature. However, that being 

said it is necessary to keep up with changing technology. Trivial

knowledge such as the f-stops, depth of field, focal length, shutter

speed, ISO, handheld vs tripod. The tripod is excellent for long

exposures"30 (seconds) or bulb mode to name a few. Then there 

is the editing process which can and was discouraging. Another is

blogging and understanding the dynamics of marketing and applying

that to a successful niche. Sky diving in Gimli, Manitoba was

remarkable. The memorable moment was when I landed one 

kilometer off target and then it happened...I pulled the chutes

strings, both ends and the wind caught and was dragged for a bit.

Basically, it was the opposite of what the instructor told the group

to do. That was pretty funny. I am interested in literature studies.

There is so much knowledge of meaning and concept through

words it is absolutely fascinating. Film studies also, as it

incorporates this knowledge from literature studies forming a

coherent or incoherent form of entertainment on purpose for effect.

Now that is the interesting part...the journey of parts broken down

into units. There is no one equation that fits all. Then again, I am

no expert. 


There is always room for improvement!

If there is anything you would like me to write about please leave a comment in the comment section so that I may better help you.


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